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Gail has worked in the field of special education for many years. She is able to provide advice and support with regard to the learning and development of children and young people who have CHARGE syndrome, are deafblind/multi-sensory impaired, or have a single sensory impairment and addtional needs, working closely with the individual child or young person and their family, and involved professionals. 

Gail can offer personalised packages covering:
  • Work with the pre-school child, providing support to involved professionals and families. This may include:

    • Providing suggestions for activities to support development

    • Identifying the child’s strengths and needs and an appropriate response

    • Specialist assessment considering the child’s holistic learning and development

    • Specialist advice towards a child’s Education, Health and Care plan


  • Work with children in the educational setting, supporting the school team and other involved professionals. This may include:

    • Identification of a child’s strengths and needs and the potential impact this may have on learning and development

    • Identification of appropriate teaching strategies to support an effective response to these strengths and needs

    • Advice and support with regard to the planning and implementation of an educational programme

    • Advice on differentiating the delivery of the curriculum, resources and activities in response to the child’s strengths and needs

    • Modelling specialist teaching strategies and intervention approaches

    • Providing advice and support, and/or mentoring to the child’s teacher, teaching assistant or intervenor

    • Undertaking specialist assessment and observation to provide additional information to support access to the curriculum, planning and target setting

    • Advising on a child’s Education, Health and Care plan and/or the review process

    • The provision of a written report to provide a summary of observations and recommendations for future practice

    • Liaising with the parents and other involved professionals where appropriate

    • Providing advice and support at times of transition


  • Independent specialist assessment, a written report, and attendance at Tribunal (SEN and Disability)


  • Advice and support for the child or young person with CHARGE, drawing on her research and experience working with this very special group of individuals


This service is suitable for those children and young people where input from a specialist teacher for deafblindness/MSI is identified in their Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care plan.


According to the Code of Practice (2014):

  • Consultation with a specialist teacher must be sought with regard to advice and information for the relevant education, health and care needs assessment (§9.49)

  • Teachers working in an advisory role with a child or young person with MSI should hold the appropriate specialist qualification (§6.61)


Gail is an experienced presenter and trainer who enjoys working with large and small audiences.


Gail has also presented at a range of conferences both nationally and internationally including, Deafblind International, CHARGE Syndrome Foundation (USA), VITAL, CHARGE Syndrome Family Support Group (UK), Sense, University of Birmingham and CHARGE Syndrom e.V (Germany).



  • Bespoke training. The content of the training session will be agreed and tailored to meet identified needs. Some examples of recently delivered courses are:
    • Supporting learners with CHARGE syndrome
    • Responding to the sensory needs of children who are deafblind/MSI
    • Supporting the use of vision and hearing in children in the specialist school setting
    • Responding to a child’s executive function difficulties
    • Planning for the future of the young person with CHARGE
    • The potential learning charactistics of a child with CHARGE
  • Training can be be delivered to individuals and groups through:
    • Workshop sessions
    • Whole day training
    • Half day training



  • Plenary presentations
  • Workshop presentations
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